Engaging with Customers Through Social Media

In recent years, several small and medium sized local businesses have taken advantage of social media engagement and have created awareness of their business. No matter if it is a small charity supporting communities, or an affiliate coaching business: all enterprises can benefit from highly effective social media campaigns. The below review of the benefits of social engagement over the internet will provide some practical advice for entrepreneurs.

Researching Social Media Trends

Facebook engagement

Anik Singal’s Facebook page with more than 70.000 social media followers

The Socialnumbers social media statistics page lists different Facebook pages by category, location, and topics. This tool is useful for doing the research on what is popular, what people are talking about, and what creates traction. For affiliates, reviewing shopping and retail pages’ ranking can be a useful method of keeping up-to-date on trends, brand campaigns, and companies’ reputation. When using content marketing and SEO for affiliate campaigns, monitoring social media discussions and posts is highly effective. 

Joining Social Media Conversations

Connecting with brands, affiliate managers, industry experts is essential to become a well-informeed and educated online marketer. Some affiliate marketing and online advertising groups are becoming what used to be the Warrior Forum five years ago. Following influential online marketers, such as Anik Singal, with more than 70.000 fans, as well as Mike Dillard, with over ten thousand followers can simplify life. It reduces time to research trends, find out about new regulations, or simply learn from other affiliate marketers. As an affiliate, you also have to be present in popular niche discussions on social media.

Improving Affiliate Campaigns through Social Media

Sharing campaigns, promotions, and blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin is not only beneficial for the main page’s search engine ranking, but also increases the reputation of the marketer. You remember when three years ago you had to hunt for CPA campaigns on network sites, like Maxbounty that could be ran through social media campaigns? The tide has turned, and now almost all merchants are allowing Facebook and Pinterest.

Turning Facebook and Twitter Accounts into Money

No matter which niche you are targeting, and whether you are an affiliate or are directly selling your own products, you need to create a reputation on the marketplace. Simply creating a page that nobody knows about will not generate commissions, though. A detailed social media and reputation campaign needs to be designed, based on the research of trends. You can start by joining popular pages in your niche and contributing to the discussion. Once you have established yourself as an expert, you can create your own page based on what people are interested in. You might choose to promote the page on Facebook or simply invite people through email-marketing and your blog to join.

Automating Your Updates

It is no secret that Google is looking for customer engagement and regular updates to rank websites. Clever marketers, however, are able to reduce the time spent on posting updates and sharing information with potential customers. One of the most popular applications to schedule your Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter posts is Bufferapp. The free version provides you with basic features, and you can add up to ten posts. Your updates on the business page will go out automatically, and once you have set up the system, you can check how many people liked, retweeted, and shared your content.

Social media marketing has created new opportunities for affiliates and merchants alike. It allows people to monitor the market, industry, learn, and engage with their niche. Implement the above steps in your online promotion campaigns and you will see positive results.

About Laura Farkas

Laura Farkas is a born writer. She has a  PhD in journalism, a BA in
literature, and a marketing degree. She has worked as a marketing
director before she discovered her real profession: writing online.
She has been running her copywriting business for three years. She enjoys learning, creating value, and sharing information. She runs an affiliate marketing blog and can be contacted on Google + as Laura Wolf

  • Ann07

    I’m glad social media got invented!

    Social media has and still is doing a lot of good for us, and we’ve profited a lot from it, starting from simple communications to advertisements,marketing, selling online, and many more.

    From the very start, Social Media has sprinkled it’s magic on our work and personal life.

    I Find social media very important, in fact, we almost consider it as a part of our daily lifestyle.

    Great Article…

    Thanks for sharing.

    More power!


    By the way! I found this post shared on kingged.com you should check it out.

    • Laura Wolf

      You are right, Ann. Social media is magic. You can use it wisely, but should not abuse it. Thanks for the comment.

  • http://www.kingged.com/ Sunday

    Any business that just want to make it must never ignore the power of social media. The traffic it draws can be tapped into profitable engagement.

    Well, this review shows that with social media, more can be achieved. However, making the most social media begins with contributing invaluably and participating positively in the dictate of any platform!

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