Google Introduces the +1 Button

Google has seen the success of Facebook’s Like Button and wants in on the action! Logged in Google users will now have the ability to “like” Google ads and Organic Listings in Google search by using the new +1 button. Here is a video introducing the +1 button:


When you +1 something on Google, you are recommending that search result or ad to your friends in your network.  When you friends are logged in to Google and searching they will see your recommendation next to their ads and search results.

Google has also said that the +1 will not affect paid advertisements quality score, however the +1 will be used as one of the many signals used to calculate organic search engine rankings.

So it looks like it is time to beef up your friends list in Google, and get them to +1 your sites for better rankings!

You should start seeing the +1 options in the coming weeks on

But, Google didn’t stop there, they want a piece of the Facebook “like” button real estate on your websites as well!  Soon you will be able to add the +1 button to your websites, and since getting people to +1 your site will help your search rankings, I think we can expect to see +1′s all over the place.


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