Finding a Hook for YouTube Video Marketing

A YouTube video can be an invaluable tool when it comes to marketing. With the number of options that are available for sharing the material, you could easily find website owners based in another country are showing your material – …

A Closer Look at iBeacons


You may or may not have heard about iBeacons. Well, if not, you probably should pay attention. IBeacons are small gizmos around the size of a matchbox. They’re essentially exactly what they’re called – a beacon that provides ‘I’ or …

Zoe-Lee Skelton

How To Correctly Use Call Tracking For Enhanced Local SEO

multi-coloured phone

Local SEO and marketing activities are more important than ever, with Google placing great emphasis on localised searches.

Obviously the mobile marketing revolution has played a significant role in driving local search with recent statistics showing that:

“1 in 3

The History of the Infographic


Infographics and data visualisation are a widely accessible way in which to represent data and complex ideas in a simpler manner. In the world of marketing we use them time and time again as ways to showcasing data, as linkable …

Common Local SEO Mistakes to Avoid


The wonderful thing about Local SEO is that it truly allows the small local mom and pop business to maximise their effectiveness in the SERPs and compete with the internationals.

However, it’s necessary to remember than an SEO strategy is …

The Benefits of Hiring an Online Freelancer

Go For It

The simple reality of business is that you can’t be good at everything and there are always going to be some occasions where you will require help. Even though extra staff and outsourcing to large businesses certainly have their place; …

Don’t Discredit the Power of Word of Mouth


The digital era is responsible for the spread of information at a near incomprehensible pace. Marketers don’t have to rely on cold calls and door to door visits anymore – they can make a company money with a computer and …

How Page Load Time Affects Your SEO


Your page load time has a direct impact on your bottom line, because getting someone to click is only the first stage of the battle. Then you have to reel in customers or readers to minimize bounce-back rates, and most …

Using Analytics To Motivate Consumer Interaction Across Devices

Website traffic tracking

Rowan Atkinson, star of the “Mr. Bean” movies, said that, “marketing is what gets you noticed.” That may be enough for the film industry, but any executive of a company that sells products knows that marketing needs to translate into …

Doing Business That Matters


Ever since 1974 when Carr & Associates International, an organization owned by John Carr, started the first popular case of Cause Marketing, this phenomenon has continued to grow in leaps and bounds all around the world. Cause Marketing is simply …