Last Minute Holiday Marketing Advice

Holiday marketing should mean no empty carts

Courtesy of Tatiana Sullivan

It’s a bit late in the year to be thinking about holiday marketing for this shopping season, but if you haven’t put anything in place just yet or what you’ve been doing could use a last-minute boost, then you’re in luck, because there’s still time to salvage a few sales that might otherwise not have been yours.

Check out the following last-minute marketing tips.

1. Know your buyer

Since time is limited before the shopping season ends, you want to target those who are most likely to make a purchase. If you have an email list, note those who have made purchases in the past and check whether they’ve bought anything recently.

For those who haven’t, try enticing them with a discount offer if they buy before your last shipping date. Another place to attack is the abandoned carts. The people were in your shop and ready to buy, so give them something that will make it worth their while to come back and complete that purchase.

2. Get social

People spend a lot of time in lines during the holiday season, whether they’re waiting to make a purchase or looking for a table to grab lunch. Since many of them turn to social media apps while they’re waiting, you can hit them with some information about your products or sales.

Advertising on sites like Twitter or Facebook have been shown to be extremely beneficial. Twitter-promoted tweets account for a 22 percent increase in brand conversation, 20 percent more brand mentions, and 32 percent more retweets.

Facebook ads have also produced click-through rates of 30 to 45 percent, depending on the brand. Who knows, shoppers may wind up skipping their next few stores if they’re able to find what they need on your site.

3. Give them something other than the sales pitch

Done the right way, content marketing shouldn’t be salesy. It should give the consumer something to take away so that he or she remembers your name and trusts you.

Take a little time to offer your customers something that’s not obviously driving sales. A good example is this blog post about avoiding holiday burnout when taking on homemade holiday projects.

It doesn’t make a pitch, it’s something that a wide audience would find helpful, and it can be reused next year as well.

Despite the fact that the holiday shopping season is drawing to a close, you can still push through a few last-minute marketing campaigns to give your business a nice holiday sales bump. You just have to understand that it might cost you a bit more than you’re used to.

You may have to spring for someone to analyze your metrics or write a few pieces of high-quality content for your marketing effort while you tend to day-to-day operations. Advertising through Google AdWords or any social platform is going to cost as well, to ensure that consumers can see your content right away.

Most importantly, take time to breathe. Get yourself motivated to make this all-important push and learn from your experiences so you can apply them next year with a bit more planning.

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