Tips to Boost Customer Loyalty and Ecommerce Sales

With Christmas not too far away, it is the time when the holiday shoppers begin looking out for gifts for their families and loved ones. If you own an ecommerce store, it is the right time to prepare yourself for the holiday season and woo your customers with the best offers you have.

It is also the perfect time of the year for stores with an online presence to optimize their sales, attract new customers and renew the loyalty of existing ones. So, here are some simple steps which will help you maximize your holiday ecommerce sales and make sure that customers come back to you for more shopping.

Use Christmas Motifs
A brick-and-mortar shop dressed up in holiday colors and festive motifs would attract more customers for its jolly, festive vibes draw more customers and similarly, you could give your online store a Christmas makeover and use popular motifs such as Christmas bells and snowflakes, to decorate various sections of your ecommerce store to make it more attractive.

Christmas Motifs to decorate stores

Holiday Discounts
Discounts are a major factor of attraction for shoppers, and more so, during the festive season. So, make sure to announce timely discounts or special offers on the Christmas merchandise. This will ensure a lot of traffic to your online store. Bargain hunters and people looking for good deals and offers will be more likely to start scouting for offers and discounts early on, and this will be a good tactic to attract them.

Chirstmas Holiday Discount

Special Offers for Returning Customers
If someone has placed trust in your services and has returned to buy more, it is a good idea to reward them for their loyalty with special offers: discounts and offers only for those who are making a comeback. You can issue unique coupons or discount codes which can be redeemed only by those of your customers who have used your services before and are coming back for a second.

Christmas Offers

For customers coming back for a third time or more, you could use options such as free delivery or an express delivery without any charges. It makes customers feel valued and appreciated for their loyalty when a store or a brand extends special offers to them. Also, it motivates them to do more of their shopping on your store.

Engage through Social Media
Leverage your social media presence to the optimum this holiday season, using Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. to share offers, make important announcements and updates, connect with your customers and reach out to your potential and target audience. Announce special offers, engage with people and create a stronger brand value and brand recall.

social media marketing

Go Mobile
Gadgets like Smartphones and tablets have effectively shrunk the internet sphere and made everything available to people who are always on the move. Do you have mobile-friendly ecommerce site? If not, wait no more to fix this and launch a mobile-friendly version of your online store, with secure payment options in place. This ensures that you will not lose out on people browsing for gifts from their mobile devices, and last minute shoppers.

Follow Up
Some of the strongest brands in the market today have made this practice to ask for feedback from their customers and implement it to make their service better. In this day and age of technology, and instant communication, there are hundreds and thousands of ecommerce stores. What plays a very important role in creating brand value is if you can reach out to your users, and create tangible and real value for them.

You can do this by sending in mailers, asking for feedback, and implementing the changes you are asked to. This also ensures that you create a relationship with your client and get information about post-service customer satisfaction.

Wrapping up
All said and done, do ensure that your ecommerce store has in place good design, easy navigation, secure payment options. These basic investments go a long way in creating reliability and trustworthiness for your online store.

Did you find these tips helpful? Do share your best practices and processes you follow to make your ecommerce store work for you. Happy Holidays!

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