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Building a Brand Conscious Content Strategy

In a time when the adage “Content is King” is celebrated over and over as some kind of universal truth (and repeated ad nauseum), many marketers fall into the trap of putting the cart in front of the horse, and …

Zoe-Lee Skelton
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How To Correctly Use Call Tracking For Enhanced Local SEO

multi-coloured phone

Local SEO and marketing activities are more important than ever, with Google placing great emphasis on localised searches.

Obviously the mobile marketing revolution has played a significant role in driving local search with recent statistics showing that:

“1 in 3

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How Page Load Time Affects Your SEO


Your page load time has a direct impact on your bottom line, because getting someone to click is only the first stage of the battle. Then you have to reel in customers or readers to minimize bounce-back rates, and most …

Link Building: Friend or Foe?

“When I first started (my) site nearly 3 years ago, my mentor told me lots of things I was doing were wrong. I should use my keywords more in creating content, I should use lots of color in creating my …

How To Successfully Approach SEO in 2014

SEO in 2014

To say that 2013 was an eventful year on the SEO front would be a massive understatement.

With a barrage of updates, Google took their battle against SEO pros to another level. Yet again we found that Google’s ‘rules’ were …

4 Ways to Step Up Your Digital Marketing in 2014

It’s the the final stretch of 2013, and you might be already be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. And if you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, you’re certainly thinking about how you’re going to do business in 2014 — new …

Is Reputation Management the New SEO?

Reputation Management and SEO

Reputation management has been all of the talk lately. While at Affiliate Summit, Pubcon and AdTech I’ve noticed that more advertisers and exhibit booths are adding “Reputation Management” to their arsenal of services. While it’s always good …

SEO is Good, SEO + PPC is Better

It is undeniably true that having strong SEO is a good thing. Having a powerful search engine presence helps keep you visible. It also gives your business the marketing advantage to magically appear before your customers’ eyes when they …

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Capturing Your Visitors’ Attention in 10 Seconds

According to the Nielsen Norman Group, the average website user stays on a page less than ten seconds before losing interest and heading off to look at the latest cat image or 6 second video.  Worse, they might head off …

Guest Blogging – A Boon to The SEO Fraternity

When it comes to Guest Blogging, many people believe they know everything about the strategy. However, there are certain things overlooked by most bloggers while trying to get back links through guest blogging. With the upcoming Penguin 2.0 updates, there …

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