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7 SEO On-site Factors Businesses Need to Understand and Implement

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If you build it they will come. That’s what a lot of people think in regards to websites and visitors, though sadly it’s not true.

It’s something a lot of small business site owners don’t realise and often a crippling …

4 Ways to Step Up Your Digital Marketing in 2014

It’s the the final stretch of 2013, and you might be already be thinking about New Year’s resolutions. And if you’re a marketer or an entrepreneur, you’re certainly thinking about how you’re going to do business in 2014 — new …

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6 Fast & Easy Ways To Boost Your Adwords CTR

Image source: Todd West Media

Increasing your CTR shouldn’t be rocket science, a few small tweaks here and there typically does the trick.  Here are my six fast and easy ways (each one can be done under 5 minutes) to …

Free SEO Keyword Tools to Boost Quality Traffic

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Many free SEO keyword tools can generate thorough keyword research. This research is the foundation on which search engine marketing and optimization campaigns are built. These keywords are the driving force behind …

Google’s Quest for Universal Search Comes with Risk

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By the time you read this, Google will probably have introduced yet another refinement to its ubiquitous search engine, or maybe it will announce another acquisition.

In the official company blog on August 8, Amit Singhal, SVP of Google Search, …

Recovering Your Search Engine Mojo in a Post-Penguin World

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Many web marketers promoting their websites in competitive industries were left shell-shocked by Google’s latest algorithmic update. Meant to devalue webspam and improve quality in the SERPs, Google targeted many accepted methods of link building.

The good news is that …

The Epic Fail of Google’s Penguin Update


For those of us who work in online marketing, or even online reputation management, it’s important to remember where our bread is buttered. The tools we use to become successful, and ultimately to make money, are the very same tools …

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Google Toys With Ad Placements Before the Holidays

Google Bottom Ads

Leave it to Google to make big sweeping changes just prior to the major holiday shopping season. Not only did they announce 10 algorithm changes, which includes an update that will affect one-third of their queries by adding real-time …

3 Things Google Tells Your Customers—Whether You Like It or Not

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Some of the most important SEO practices are also some of the most obvious. It’s easy to think of things like backlinks, title tags, and crawl errors. But what about when you do a search on Google, for example, and …

The Impact Of Search

A new report issued by McKinsey & Company takes a comprehensive look at search, offering insight into its global impact and economic value.

McKinsey reports that an average U.S. user in 2010 performed about 1,500 searches. Some 90 percent of …

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