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Build a YouTube Channel from the Ground Up

YouTube is quickly becoming the go to choice of marketers as the popularity of the social platform itself not only explodes, but the ability of marketers to bring dollars into companies also increases.

Running right at YouTube and uploading a …

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5 Ways to Personalize your Customers’ Experience

data collection

Highly personalized customer experience is the future of business and more specifically, of top quality customer service.

A large number of businesses are now going online-only and as more sales and marketing work is done digitally rather than in the …

Knowing What and When to Outsource

Competing in the digital landscape usually means competing on several fronts. You need good design (product or web), solid tech (frontend and backend), strong marketing (acquisition and retention), and the talent to help make it all come together. Indeed, even …

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What’s New in Mobile Marketing 2014

Summary: Mobile marketing put on an exceptional show in 2013 and experienced a growth of 75%. With marketing gurus predicting that the number of smartphone and tablet users will touch 2 billion in 2014, we are expecting to see some

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The History of the Infographic


Infographics and data visualisation are a widely accessible way in which to represent data and complex ideas in a simpler manner. In the world of marketing we use them time and time again as ways to showcasing data, as linkable …

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Using Analytics To Motivate Consumer Interaction Across Devices

Website traffic tracking

Rowan Atkinson, star of the “Mr. Bean” movies, said that, “marketing is what gets you noticed.” That may be enough for the film industry, but any executive of a company that sells products knows that marketing needs to translate into …

Social Media Manners for the Small Business Owner

Image courtesy of bplanet/FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

The world of social media is relatively new. We don’t have decades of Miss Manners books to consult in order to tell us what to say and when to say it, and we often can’t ask our elders for advice …

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Web Marketing and Real Estate in 2014

Image courtesy of John Bergman

Like any other service-oriented business, the web has completely changed how people search for their next home. According to a survey conducted by realtor.org, 90 percent of those people looking for a new place …

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7 Offline Tactics to Gain More Twitter Followers

With so many predictions about Twitter going big on the monetization side of business, it’s clear that 2014 will be the year to watch out for as online marketers will struggle and trip all over themselves trying to be seen …

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Marketing: It’s Not Just for Businesses Anymore

Social media tree

It’s no secret that big companies spend, and spend big, on marketing campaigns. In fact, according to research conducted by Gartner, companies were willing to spend about 10.4 percent of their revenues on marketing tasks in 2012, and they …

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