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“If the user is having a problem, it’s our problem.” -Steve Jobs

It is affectionately known as “UX” (user experience), and it rules the Internet. Websites grow or fade because of it, e-commerce stores succeed or fail according to …

The Mobile Marketing Trends Brands Need To Be Aware Of


In the last half decade we’ve seen significant and continuous growth in the use of smart phones and tablets on the market and it’s changed the way internet marketers approach their work.

Change will be a constant in the …

A Closer Look at iBeacons


You may or may not have heard about iBeacons. Well, if not, you probably should pay attention. IBeacons are small gizmos around the size of a matchbox. They’re essentially exactly what they’re called – a beacon that provides ‘I’ …

Using Mobile Payments for Small Business


What You Need to Know Before Using Mobile Payments for Your Small Business

Cash or check were once the only ways payments were made. Then, along came credit cards and plastic turned into the way to pay. What could …

3 Convincing Reasons for Texting Your Customers

Text Message

Some of the top marketing trends for 2014 all have one thing in common: They’re perfect for SMS. Marketing experts and analysts definitely expect 2014 to be the year of mobile — which, of course, for marketers, means that …

The Importance of International Mobile Search Marketing

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The International Telecoms Union predicts that there will be more mobile subscriptions than there are people in the world by midway through 2014. This startling statistic doesn’t mean that every individual will own a mobile …

Affiliate Mobile Strategies for Advertisers – What Works Best?

Affiliate marketing

Savvy advertisers are wasting no time catching the mobile marketing wave surging over American e-commerce. As the public takes to their mobile devices, so must advertisers follow — and never has the trend been more apparent. Almost three-quarters of …

Tradedoubler Incentivises Mobile App Downloads and In-App Purchases

Girl With Mobile Smart Phone

Tradedoubler, the leading UK affiliate network, has announced that they’ve developed and launched a new program that extends affiliate tracking into the mobile app space. Their new technology allows advertisers to compensate affiliates for mobile app installs as well …

The Battle for Mobile Search Superiority

Mobile Search

It should come as no surprise that everything that once was on the desktop is now in a highly portable form. Smartphone and tablet users have literally mobile-ized and are leading the next wave of Internet connectivity.

The rapid …

What You Need to Know About Mobile Search

Mobile Search

I’ve spoken and written about mobile marketing a lot lately on our blog, BlogMyCalls, and I find that one of the biggest mistakes marketers make is not paying attention to mobile search. Hopefully this article will change that.…