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10 Places to Get Informative and Objective News Online

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If you want to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the world, you need to read or watch the news. We are now living in the information age and access to information is plentiful. Every major network …

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SXSW Preview Day 3: Your Data and Your Brain


Every year, SXSW Interactive (aka Geek Spring Break) gets a little bigger than the year before. To make things easier, we’ve combed the list of panels, looking for the best opportunities for affiliates and marketers. Each day this week, we’ll

Why Long-Form Writing Still Matters


This coming year is likely to be one of evolution. As services mature, policies change, and new ideas try to break through, we’re required to adapt. But one adaptation I’m hoping we resist is the wholesale adoption of …

Turning the Page on the Book Industry


There is no friend as loyal as a book. —Ernest Hemingway

I love books. I love technology. And of late, I find myself asking more questions about the relationship between the two. While I have shelves groaning under the …

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Why Net Neutrality Is A Debate Worth Watching

The debate over net neutrality in the U.S. has become, like so many other things, a partisan brawl. In December 2010, after a year of wrangling, the FCC set forth rules concerning net neutrality. Three high-level rules were proposed: transparency, …

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When Is A 0.82% Conversion Rate from Free Trial To Paid Subscription A Win?

In answer to the headline, it is when your target is 0.2 percent, but is that low of a conversion rate a sustainable business? In a paidContent article last week about the UK Times paywall the meager conversion of 0.82 …

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YouTube’s New Play for Video Streaming Dominance

Things continue to move at a blistering pace in the streamed video market. As I recently noted, Netflix is positioning itself to be a dominant player by acquiring original content like a new television series, “House of Cards,” which …

The Death and Re-Birth of Book Publishing

We’re not even at the end of Q1, and 2011 has already been a rough year for the book retailers. But while retailers struggle and fold, there might be new opportunities on the horizon for publishers and authors alike, and …

Watch Out Danica Patrick! Network Solutions has Hottie Cloris Leachman and Her “Sisters”

For several years GoDaddy has scored hits with it’s “see more” videos offering to show glimpses of spokes model Danica Patrick and other models in “hotter” situations than television allows. Although the videos were questionable in taste, they were a …

What Flickr Might Have Been and How Yahoo Is Slowly Burying It

The photo-sharing site Flickr may be following a path eerily similar to its troubled parent Yahoo!

In December, Flickr’s unique U.S. visitor traffic dropped 16 percent, to 21.3 million, compared to a year ago, according to the New York Times

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