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5 Java Frameworks that Fulfill Development Needs

There are tons of websites or web applications live in today’s date which might have been made using certain “Java framework”. You might have even heard that these frameworks are available on different technology platforms like .NET and JAVA and …

Four Ways to Prepare for a Web Traffic Spike

Car Light Trails by Victor Habbick

It’s one of those good news/bad news things for your site, especially if you’re new to ecommerce: a surprise spike in traffic.

Someone, somewhere, liked what you had to say and shared it with others who also liked it and …

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Cloning an Apple: Microsoft & Google Tackle the Hardware Question

Well-Known World Brand Logotypes

June 2012 may well go down as the month the technology world turned upside down. That’s because something unheard of happened – both Microsoft and Google officially turned their attention to home-grown hardware.

In mid-June, Microsoft showed off Surface, its …

Plugins That Turn Your WordPress Site Into a Marketing Powerhouse

WordPress Plugins

When it comes to blogging systems, few can compare to the popularity and functionality of WordPress. A site can be created and put to use in no time flat, but the real draw is the platform’s customization. And the extent …

SXSW Preview Day 1: Hit the Ground Running

KathySierra_SXSW1 SXSW Interactive opens its doors officially Friday, March 9. And one of the ladies best equipped to kick things off will take the stage at 2 p.m. Friday. In Battle for the User Soul: Gamification's Dark Side, user advocate and former game developer Kathy Sierra will look at how games have become a way to bribe people to engage or join a community as opposed to helping users do what they really want to do.

The Social Media Revolution Was A Lie: Here’s What to do Next

hype-curve Social media's “game-changing" ability is so overstated and sensationalized that what you're doing with it, right now, is probably working against your interests. How can this be? There is no money in your knowing the truth: The Social Media Revolution is a lie. Need proof? Look around. Where's the revolution in your business? People actually acquiring customers and selling using Facebook, blogs, YouTube, and LinkedIn know the truth; they know something most of us don't.

Sneak Peek At Square’s Data Reveals The Challenges Of Payments Business

Micropayments, commerce, and conventional payment providers sometimes track me down on LinkedIn to discuss  innovation in payments. When I get a chance to chat in person, the best discussions come from the entrepreneurs who see opportunity in shaking up …

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How Financial Firms Are Leveraging Mobile To Increase Market Share

Banks have a problem. In fact, it’s the same issue tormenting most service-based businesses.  Increasingly, customers need help making complex decisions, and banks have the expertise to guide them. However, their target market does not habitually turn to them for …

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PayPal Creates Universal Micropayments Or Just More Hype?

There is no universal method of processing micropayments. Many providers are working on a solution including PayPal. Recently there was a lot of buzz across Twitter and the Internet about a new micropayments offering from PayPal due to announcements made …

The Digital Tsunami

Look at the latest moves by Amazon, Apple, and USA TODAY, all reported in the past week. They have a commonality that suggests traditional communications are being swept away by a digital tsunami of historic proportions.

Amazon is readying …

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