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I Have to PAY for This?!? The Online Myth of ‘Free’


Back in the mid-90s, as I remember it; the Internet was mostly fan-made music sites, Yahoo! was the best search engine, and only the larger retailers had a web presence. Back then, it felt like everything at your fingertips was …

10 Tips for Awesome Email Automation


Due to falling Facebook reach and the fact SEO is increasingly risky – it’s no surprise that email marketing is set to have a very strong 2015.

To take full advantage of email marketing you have a plan. This requires …

7 SEO On-site Factors Businesses Need to Understand and Implement

google se

If you build it they will come. That’s what a lot of people think in regards to websites and visitors, though sadly it’s not true.

It’s something a lot of small business site owners don’t realise and often a crippling …

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The History of the Infographic


Infographics and data visualisation are a widely accessible way in which to represent data and complex ideas in a simpler manner. In the world of marketing we use them time and time again as ways to showcasing data, as linkable …

Don’t Discredit the Power of Word of Mouth


The digital era is responsible for the spread of information at a near incomprehensible pace. Marketers don’t have to rely on cold calls and door to door visits anymore – they can make a company money with a computer and …

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Doing Business That Matters


Ever since 1974 when Carr & Associates International, an organization owned by John Carr, started the first popular case of Cause Marketing, this phenomenon has continued to grow in leaps and bounds all around the world. Cause Marketing is simply …

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Two Mistakes that Will Derail Content Marketing

“Having good content on your website is an important factor in gaining credibility, trust and ultimately sales from the people who visit your site.” This statement provides the lead for a story on The Guardian’s Small Business Network and sums …

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Don’t Overlook Images in Content Marketing

Mention content marketing nowadays and you can safely assume that people are thinking of articles and blog posts. That is because these are the tactics most often used by businesses as a part of their content marketing strategy.…

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Growth Hacking: Myths, Risks, and Tips for Startup Businesses

Although a relatively fresh approach on how online enterprises propel their status from an unknown fledgling to a big name, growth hacking is gradually gaining prominence as one of the preferred methods in advancing startup businesses.

But before you press …

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What is Persuasive Marketing?

When you ask the average person about marketing, he/she would probably think of traditional advertising methods like commercials and print ads, and maybe even online methods such as banner ads and emails offering special promos. What most of these marketing …

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