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SXSW Preview Day 1: Hit the Ground Running

KathySierra_SXSW1 SXSW Interactive opens its doors officially Friday, March 9. And one of the ladies best equipped to kick things off will take the stage at 2 p.m. Friday. In Battle for the User Soul: Gamification's Dark Side, user advocate and former game developer Kathy Sierra will look at how games have become a way to bribe people to engage or join a community as opposed to helping users do what they really want to do.

Cashing Out: Week of December 11th – 17th 2011 in Online Marketing News

Zynga’s IPO less than stellar

Social gaming company Zynga made its stock market debut December 16, and its disappointing performance has led some, like Mashable, to question whether the the IPO signals “the end of the social media bubble.”…

Virtual Goods Show Potential, Haven’t Yet Crossed The Chasm

With 350 million users playing social games on Zynga alone, and over 68 million social gamers in the U.S., the social gaming world looks to hold the potential for vast wealth. eMarketer expects the U.S. virtual goods market, which …

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Mobile Games Move Toward Freemium

A new strategy is emerging in the pricing of mobile games, and it appears to be working. With a focus shifted toward generating revenue in the long-term, the most lucrative mobile games are going freemium, offering the app for free …

Leveraging Virtual Goods for The Greater Social Good

Many people have been touched by the recent and ongoing tragedies following the 9.0 earthquake in Japan. Personally I have been shocked and saddened by the devastation with family members temporarily displaced due to the events and relatives in Japan …

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CityVille’s Numbers May Be Record Breaking But Zynga Faces Harsh Reality

Social gamers might be excited by Zynga’s CityVille hitting a record number of users. Investors might by excited by CityVille’s potential revenue. Both may be interested in the impact CityVille could have on the virtual goods market. With a record …

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Massive’s Failure Proof Of In-game Advertising’s Success

A short while ago, I wrote about some encouraging news in the in-game advertising market. There were some glimmers of hope while I questioned the details of the announcements. Since then, in-game ad firm IGA Worldwide received new funding and …

In-Game Ads Grow Up And Show Signs Of Market Value

Remember when in-game mobile ads were the rage? If not, let me jog your memory. Just two years ago, mobile in-game advertising had some market wins including “RadioShack Sees 8.4 % Brand Awareness Increase” and “Jeep claims

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Are Virtual Goods The Next Frontier For Brands?

Brands have already done a fine job of working their way into every aspect of our real world. You’ll find brand advertising pretty much everywhere you look, offline and online. Every communications medium is peppered with brand ads. Less obvious …

Google Picks More Gaming Gold From Facebook’s Pockets

Jambool, creator of Social Gold and former provider of virtual currency for Facebook games and web apps, was sold to Google for a reported $70 million. This follows the trend of game and social app providers LabPixies and Slide we …

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