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Distilled Intelligence 2.0 – DC Area Start-ups Thriving

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of attending day one of Distilled Intelligence 2.0, a fast-paced, start-up pitch competition put on by Fortify.VC. It’s one of the area’s leading early-stage venture capital funds and sponsored by Microsoft and an …

Top 10, Must-See Sessions at Affiliate Summit East 2012 PLUS Special Bonus Photo!


Folks that know me know that visiting New York for business is simply an excuse to explore museums and seek out new restaurants. This year music and farming have entered the mix. Farming because farms have sprouted on New York …

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A Look At Crowdopolis: Steve Paljieg of Kimberly-Clark on Community

Steve_KC Consumers have always been at the center of our innovation and brand building efforts. If you not solving meaningful problems in meaningful ways, you can’t build successful consumer brands. The Huggies MomInspired program takes this concept to a whole new level by enabling those moms who are solving meaningful problems to take their meaningful solutions to other moms.

A Look at Crowdopolis: Stephen Shapiro on Innovation & Problem Solving

Stephen Shapiro Over the past 10 years, the emergence of open innovation and crowdsourcing has been the biggest leap forward. Companies like InnoCentive were formed a decade ago and since then the concept has grown in popularity. However, most companies still pay lip service to openness and few really take advantage of its full potential.

A Look at Crowdopolis: James Rubinstein of eBay on Crowdsourcing

James_ebay Understanding if a job is good as a crowdsourcing task is a multifaceted problem. How soon do you need data? What type of task is it? How much data do you need? Is this going to be an ongoing task? Will the work be constant or intermittent? How much worker expertise do you need?

A Look at Crowdopolis: Sharon Chiarella of Amazon on Micro-Tasking

Sharon Chiarella Crowdsourcing gives companies flexibility and agility. It gives companies a competitive advantage by allowing them to move faster than their competition. Thought leaders should attend Crowdopolis if they want to learn how to take advantage of this and gain an advantage.
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SOBCon 2012 Preview: Gary W. Goldstein

gary I also check if I immediately, intuitively feel enthused and exhilarated by the idea of rolling up my sleeves and helping transform this particular idea into a reality. A large part of that is “knowing” I’ve a unique talent to contribute that will make a significant difference in the outcome, and that it’s a talent or arena in which I truly thrive.
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SOBCon 2012 Preview: Sammy Haroon, Accurate Electronics

Sammy Haroon For myself, I have always created change if it were not emergent, discovered what I am unhappy with, and envisioned, let's say, a bit of an implausible future I would love, yet one I have to fight for. I collaborate with different people to deliver, find support from existing great minds in my network, and discover new people to add to my network to gain knowledge from. All these opportunitie provide me with the creativity I need to move toward the future I want.
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SOBCon 2012 Preview: Laura Fitton, Hubspot

Laura Fitton It's tempting when networking to ask first, and give later. That's fine and there will be some cases where that's really the only option. People shouldn't be afraid to ask for what they need. That said, you might find your asks become hugely more effective after you've established a reputation for being helpful. Whenever you can, invest genuine time and effort contributing value into whatever system you are working within, prior to making a serious effort to extract value.
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SOBCon 2012 Preview: Emily Harris, Journalism Accelerator

Emily Harris I think the core skills that have made journalists successful in the past will still be required five years from now. Those include curiosity, a premium value on facts, a willingness to actively dig until you have key information, a willingness to understand nuance, the presence to ask all sorts of questions and the ability to tell a compelling, true story. I think a number of other skills are now and will continue to be important, including the ability to think and tell stories in multiple media, and, particularly for the increasing number of independent journalists running their own websites, an understanding of and interest in the financial end of the news business.
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