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Greg Shepard

How Card-Linked Coupons Benefit Merchants, Affiliates And Retailers Alike

A recent study by McKinsey & Co. found that digital coupons will surpass all forms of print coupons, apart from freestanding inserts, in 5 years. The study also predicts that load-to-card and mobile coupons will grow 50% annually from 2015 …

Khem Raj
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Why Printable Coupons Should Be A Part Of Every Small Business Strategy

Do you use cut coupons regularly?

I bet some of you do.

For over a hundred years, companies have used coupons in their marketing efforts because it works.  While there may be different spins on the promotions, essentially the principle …

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Beware the Online Coupon: Scammers Tempt Budget Conscious Consumers

Loan Application

Editor’s Note: This article was co-written by Brand Variety employee Jennie Scholick and appeared in part on Brand Verity’s blog. 

Everybody’s looking to save a few dollars these days, and, as a result, couponing has come back in vogue. All …
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Will Loyalty Programs Work When It Comes to Deals?


Customer loyalty programs have a long history. In theory, a customer loyalty program seems like a winning idea, because it provides an incentive for a customer to continue to do business with one company over another.

The hospitality and travel …

Affiliate Industry Preview: Google Affiliate Network’s Dan Greene

dangreene This past year, the affiliate industry at large saw continued growth and development. Macroeconomic and social trends continue to drive consumers online, making discounts, coupons, and savings-based sites more popular than ever. For a quick and simple look at this trend, just enter any coupon-related keyword into Google Trends. Consumers are looking to save money on all of their purchases, driving growth in our industry in a variety of ways. Retailers continue to invest deeply in the affiliate channel, growing their affiliate programs even more. I’m excited about this space and see a lot of innovations on the horizon for the entire industry!
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Daily Deals Go DEALER-CHIC

Deal-of-the-day companies web sites

I’ve written my share of negative posts about daily deals, including this one about “deals dying a slow death.” I still believe there is an over-abundance of Groupon look-alikes and that a shakeout will occur. That seems all the more …

News Brief: Kate Gosselin Set To Make A Splash in Affiliate Marketing

Coupons Save Money

Today CouponCabin.com, winner of multiple affiliate industry awards,  announced the addition of a new contributing blogger: Kate Gosselin. Lately of TLC’s reality show Kate Plus 8, Gosselin will blog weekly and provide shopping tips, top coupons, and money-saving advice. At …

Consolidation Continues In Performance Marketing Space As Ebates Gobbles Up FatWallet

All industries go though a period of growth and consolidation.  It looks like consolidation is going to be the name of the game for performance marketing companies.  Just today, Ebates announced that they have acquired FatWallet and AnyCoupons.com to form …

Are Deals Dying A Slow Death?

A recent article in USA Today confirmed to the consumer population what online marketers have been suspecting for a while — daily deals are in trouble.

Jayne O’Donnell of USA Today reports statistics from Compete, ComScore, and Experian Hitwise, all …

WhaleShark Strikes Again, Snapping Up eConversions

WhaleShark Media expanded its international capacity this week with the announcement that it acquired eConversions, Ltd. Doing so gives WhaleShark two more coupon sites to add to the mix: VoucherCodes.co.uk and GutscheinCodes.de. eConversions was founded in 2004 by brothers Duncan …

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