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Characteristics of a Successful Affiliate Manager

We all know that it takes skill and patience to be a successful Affiliate Manager. Tracking and optimizing launched campaigns while discussing new partnerships keeps the day filled with plenty of communication and analysis.

Since being in the industry I …

Are Affiliate Managers and OPMs Responsible for Disclosure?

Earlier this year, the FTC updated its guidance regarding disclosure of advertising in blogs and on social media (See .com Disclosures: How to Make Effective Disclosures in Digital Advertising.) It got a little bit of attention, but mainly from attorneys …

Three Reasons Why Facebook Ads Will Make You Money

Make Money with Facebook Ads

If you’ve ever done anything in the affiliate marketing space then you should definitely be looking into  Facebook Ads. I’ve already written case studies about how I’ve done extremely well with their social network several times at different Affiliate Summit

Building a Business at Affiliate Summit

Mastermind Group to Wine Club

If you have looked into Affiliate Summit at all, you have probably heard a lot of people talking about how they grew their businesses thanks to the conference. Without a doubt it helped me grow mine in many ways. But …

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“Last in” Affiliate Attribution Needs a Second Look

One of the hottest marketing topics in 2013 is attribution, or which marketing channel (or channels) gets credit for a single sale.  Attention to attribution is skyrocketing in marketing organizations, because in many companies reporting has been set up so …

5 Tips for Staying in Touch with Your Affiliates

As a smart business owner, you’ve established good business relationships with your affiliates, and you know how important it is to stay in regular contact with them. But if you want to keep these valuable collaborations dynamic, a simple mass …

Affiliate Management: Cheap Doesn’t Cut It

I encourage businesses that run an affiliate program to carefully read and reread Robert Glazer’s post Why Cheap Affiliate Management Doesn’t Work until they thoroughly understand what he is explaining.

Affiliate programs are very complex to do well. Unless you …

A Different Approach to Affiliate Program Management

Since the origin of the affiliate marketing industry over a decade ago, the channel has helped companies grow by tapping the power of the long tail to find new customers and generate incremental revenue. Or has it? Many affiliate marketers …

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Eight Ways to Find and Nurture High-Value Affiliates

Affiliate marketing is now one of the fastest-growing segments of online commerce, thanks, in part, to its pay-for-performance role in marketing budgets.

Yet many marketers do not understand affiliate attribution. As a result, merchants are unaware that their affiliate sales …

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6 Fast & Easy Ways To Boost Your Adwords CTR

Image source: Todd West Media

Increasing your CTR shouldn’t be rocket science, a few small tweaks here and there typically does the trick.  Here are my six fast and easy ways (each one can be done under 5 minutes) to …

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