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Two Mistakes that Will Derail Content Marketing

“Having good content on your website is an important factor in gaining credibility, trust and ultimately sales from the people who visit your site.” This statement provides the lead for a story on The Guardian’s Small Business Network and sums …

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Don’t Overlook Images in Content Marketing

Mention content marketing nowadays and you can safely assume that people are thinking of articles and blog posts. That is because these are the tactics most often used by businesses as a part of their content marketing strategy.…

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A-B Email Testing Basics

With spam emails being such a problem you would think that email marketing should be dead by now. Not only are the nice shiny email appliances that IT departments install blocking out emails that look like they are advertisements, but …

Using Data to Create Content

For years the mantra, “Content is king,” has resounded in the ears of every online marketer. Content attracts traffic and customers, it drives social sharing and it builds/strengthens a company’s brand. It is what makes online marketing move.

Every great …

Link Building: Friend or Foe?

“When I first started (my) site nearly 3 years ago, my mentor told me lots of things I was doing were wrong. I should use my keywords more in creating content, I should use lots of color in creating my …

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Web Marketing and Real Estate in 2014

Image courtesy of John Bergman

Like any other service-oriented business, the web has completely changed how people search for their next home. According to a survey conducted by, 90 percent of those people looking for a new place …

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Last Minute Holiday Marketing Advice

Courtesy of Tatiana Sullivan

It’s a bit late in the year to be thinking about holiday marketing for this shopping season, but if you haven’t put anything in place just yet or what you’ve been doing could use a last-minute …

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FDA and the Marketing of E-Cigarettes

As lawmakers pressure the US Food and Drug Administration to clamp down on the marketing of e-cigarettes, manufacturers and distributors alike are wondering what it will do to their $1.5 billion industry.

“We do anticipate becoming a regulated industry, so …

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Is Social Media Right for Your Industry?

Most experts agree that every business needs to use social media as a marketing channel nowadays. “I’d argue that investing time and resources into a social media strategy is most definitely a necessity in 2013, I believe the tipping point …

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