Best Affiliate Marketing Agency of November 2013

Experience Advertising is the best affiliate marketing agency, at least according to the November 2013 edition of rankings. Experience Advertising’s history of providing successful Internet marketing solutions and continued performance are the reasons the agency received an excellent ranking.

Each agency that receives a ranking has had its core services methodically analyzed. An independent research team thoroughly examines a variety of affiliate marketing consultants. The team evaluates five areas to determine an agency’s overall efficiency level. These areas include optimization, monitoring, reporting, network and implementation. These meticulous investigations ensure that only the absolute best affiliate marketing consultants are included in the listings.

Affiliate Marketing

Experience Advertising Offers a Proactive Approach

Experience Advertising uses a proactive approach with its dedicated affiliate managers, creation tools, copywriting and numerous resources to help their clients reach their goals. The company has more than 10 years of experience using industry-leading procedures and processes to expand affiliate marketing efforts so you can achieve your goals.

Experience Advertising’s Affiliate Management Techniques

Some of the management techniques used to grow affiliate programs and increase productivity include:

  • Strategy sessions to determine which activities will expand their affiliate program.
  • Personalized follow-ups for all publishers and affiliates.
  • Managing sales contests, sweepstakes and appealing promotions.
  • Site chat, telephone, IM and email are available to clients 24/7.
  • Affiliates are encouraged to call Experience Advertising to discuss ways to promote your business.
  • Providing website analysis in order to convey how affiliates can improve their website to generate more traffic through both search and social.
  • Recruiting super-affiliates through leveraging Experience Advertising’s numerous network accounts.
  • Providing its affiliates with complimentary tools, top selling products, original content, and customized banners.
  • Providing affiliates with a social media strategy so they can use social networking advantageously.

The agency frequently reaches out to engage affiliates and build personal relationships with them. They also offer friendly managers with extensive experience related to:

  • HTML
  • SEO
  • PPC Management
  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Link Building Tactics

Find Your Niche

Consider that as an affiliate, trying to create sales on your dresses to compete with Macy’s sales on dresses is probably not feasible. However, you can make money by finding your own niche. This allows you to reach out to a smaller group of consumers, and serve their specific needs. Feedback is also much easier to deal with when you are working within a niche market.

What Affiliates Receive

Experience Advertising works with each of its affiliates on a personal level, providing them with the resources and tools necessary to increase revenue production. Their ultimate goal is to provide each affiliate with everything necessary to become an active producer.

1. Complimentary Website Building Tool

Experience Advertising states that affiliate marketers should focus their time on creating content, not trying to launch new pages manually. That is why their website builder has the ability to launch a site in just minutes.

2. Content Request Tool

The most popular complimentary tool offered by Experience Advertising is their Content Request Tool. This tool allows you to request a unique article or merchant review. They have writers ready to create the reviews and articles you need to add fresh content to your site, at no cost to you. They do not charge their affiliates for anything the agency provides, as they feel strongly about providing affiliates with unique content to inspire focus and provide them with a head start in the organic search rankings.

3. Daily Account Management and Dependability

The affiliate managers dedicate themselves to reviewing and approving affiliates several times each day, including weekends. This ensures that promotion can begin immediately. Affiliate managers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Exceptional Newsletters and Banners

  • All Experience Advertising’s designs look professional and offer optimal click-thru rates.
  • Customized landing pages, banners and sites
  • Affiliates can take advantage of free custom-designed banners, landing pages and sites.

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  • Affiliates Everywhere is a “Pay for Placement” site. The fact that Experience Advertising pays a site like this to be ranked first speaks volumes about their character. Being ranked first only means they’re willing to pay the most / have been paying the longest. The two best Affiliate Management Companies, Acceleration Partners and, aren’t even listed. What a joke.