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If you want to put your brand in front of a highly-targeted group of thought-shapers, web business leaders, entrepreneurs, and leading marketers in the world of online marketing then ReveNews is the right marketplace for you.

We cover the industry of online marketing. That means our core audience is B2B and B2C marketers focused on managing daily campaigns in their segment. Specifically, CEOs, CMOs, OPMs, SEM managers, Affiliate managers, and other top-level decision makers read ReveNews to stay up-to-date on the topics that affect their bottom line, their online marketing strategy, as well as impact the online marketing industry as a whole. They also read us to stay up to date on emerging trends, new technologies, and best practices that will help them compete in the global Internet marketplace.

Chris Brogan“I get all my news on affiliate marketing from ReveNews”
-Chris Brogan, President, Human Business Works

“I’ve been a regular reader of ReveNews for a few years now and feel the content is often exceptionally useful. It’s behind-the-scenes no-nonsense coverage of the affiliate professional world. You won’t find out how to become a millionaire working from home or get caught in incestuous gossip clouds. You’ll meet experienced executives who are turning affiliate marketing into a critical marketing profession. -Anne Holland, Founder and Past President, MarketingSherpa Inc.

ReveNews readers are passionate, educated individuals who lead the industry as experienced and successful business innovators that know the importance of knowing the trends and news of their industry.

With over 10 years of content ReveNews is also read by influential bloggers and journalists including the NY Times, Reuters, AP, Business Week, TechCrunch, Revenue Today, and many, many more. ReveNews readers, bloggers and partners use ReveNews to create a global Internet community to distribute, discuss and analyze the online revenue industry.

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